Summertime Comfort

For at least half of the world, it's summertime. That means floral dresses, midi skirts, and crop tops being featured on every other blog. I love all those pieces in the summer too because they're so freeing to put on in the heat. But sometimes, especially during those chilly evenings, I just want a comfy sweater to hug me all day.

Summertime Comfort with an oversized mohair sweaterSo, I dug out my oversized mohair sweater to pair with my shorts!

Oversized sweater, shorts, and knee high socks with bowler hatThe sweater's hairs prickle my skin sometimes but overall, it's such a comfortable sweater to relax in. It's not even that thick of a sweater so I can still enjoy that refreshing summer breeze in it. To maintain the red theme and just because I felt like it, I wore my knee socks as well.

Oversized sweater, shorts, and knee high socksSweater - Thrifted (similiar*), Shorts - H&M*, Oxfords - UrbanOutfitters, Knee socks - ASOS*, Bowler Hat - H&M (or here*)

What's your favorite summer outfit?