Instajourney Through London

The very last part of my Instajourney Through London is here!  If you missed my previous adventures out and about in London, check out Part One and Part Two.Journey Through London in Instagram Pictures, Part 3


On London Bus, Walking Southwark Bridge, At Topshop photoboothMy bestie, Annemari came to visit me for a week. I was elated! It's the first time I get to meet her in person after years of online correspondence. There was a lot of missed hugs to make up for!Best friend hugWe walked across the Thames on the Southwark Bridge  before I went off to catch Much Ado About Nothing at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.Topshop at Oxford Circus is the mother of all Topshops, I love it so much. It has everything! Even a photo booth which I was very excited about because I had never been in one before. I loved my outfit and flower crown that day so I decided why not show it off in the photo booth?With best friend, Kenwood House's pastel library, Pastel nails at KenwoodAnnemari and I have a lovely stroll through Primrose Hill. It was a lovely and peaceful opportunity to talk. More pictures here!Then I ventured over to Kenwood House for a class tour. It was great learning about Dido Belle. As the child of a slave mother and a white naval officer, her position in London's elite society was so interesting and unique.  I really can't wait to see the movie, Belle.And I found the interior decorating of Kenwood House so beautiful decorated. My very favorite was the library where the whole room was painted in blue and pink pastels. It matched my pastel nails that week!The gardens at Kenwood House, LondonWhy do you rain whenever I go to gardens, London?  But even though it was damp and drizzling, the flowers at Kenwood Gardens were too gorgeous to pass up. I had to stay and take a walk around.I wanted a million pictures with the flowers because there were dozens of different kinds and colors. I ended up collecting the various different flowers I found so I could make myself a bouquet.Spending time with friends and taking pictures at Topshop photoboothI spend some time chilling in my flat with Annemari and Lix. Isn't it always nice to spend hours just talking to your friend about nothing at all? Annemari also gives me a piggyback ride because hey, friends support each other emotionally and physically.I also take Annemari and Lix to Topshop for photo booth pictures because I want those cliche 'silly friends in a photo booth' pictures. I put flower crowns on everyone too because well, it's just cute.Birthday card and floral outfit at Regent's Park, LondonMy birthday officially occurred earlier, back in the last Instajourney through London post, but I received an adorable birthday card from my friend. I love my crown.For Annemari's last day, we head over to Regent's Park with Lix. I had a superb time. Here are the details of very floral outfit and more pictures of the strollHighgate Cemetery - Graves of Jim Stanford and Paul CaulfieldFor my last London outing, I went to Highgate Cemetery.  Maybe a little morbid but I had never been in a cemetery that was so beautiful before. It was very much like the haunted cemeteries you see in movies. There were overgrown vines, little dirt paths and old ornate graves.Highgate Cemetery is known as the resting place for a couple of famous people and supposedly, a vampire? I didn't see the Highgate Vampire but a policeman stopped to show me a picture of a fugitive and ask if I saw him.  Hmmm.Anyway, It was interesting seeing the graves for Karl Marx, Douglas Adams, and much more. People leave quite fun stuff for them as well.My favorite graves were those of  Jim Stanford and Paul Caulfield though. Neither of them are especially well known people but look how great the designs for their headstones were. Stanford wasn't even involved in the publishing of Penguin Books. He was just an avid reader, aw. And Caulfield's grave is so brilliantly self-aware, haha. Stroll around Highgate area in LondonHad a walk through the Highgate area. I really miss having London sights like old churches and museums so readily available to go to.Cadbury chocolate and Topshop photobooth in LondonTechnically, I was back in Brooklyn when I was showcasing the Cadbury chocolate I smuggled back from London but whatever, it counts. I bought lots of Cadbury sweets throughout my stay in London and even saved some for home because seriously, nothing beats England's varieties of Cadbury chocolate.  I only have one big bar left, actually. Feel my sadness.And lastly, I had myself one last go in the Topshop photo booth to commemorate the fact that I actually went to London and had myself a blast.Photographs by Annemari S. and Lix Hewett & © bus vector
 Aw, I'm sad my Instajourney has come to an end now and of course, I'm still missing London like crazy. But I hope everyone enjoy the look into my London adventures!If you're still interested in seeing my Instagram adventures, head on over to my Instagram. I admit, things back home are far less exciting and adventurous but I try to snap a few interesting pics. I've been looking at Bushwick's street art and started a series called #graffiti Wednesday where I post a weekly selfie with some cool graffiti. Check it out!