Rec Me Friday: Favorite YouTubers

Continuation of last week's Rec Me Friday with my favorite YouTubers. Now, even more YouTubers everyone should check out!Favorite fashion and lifestyle YouTubers. Featuring Jenn Im, JacksGap, Shameless Maya and AnnaleeandJesse

[On YouTube] viewers get to grow up with the content creators they watch - Jenn Im


Jenn's comment from the Refinery29 article on Beauty YouTubers highlights one of my favorite things about YouTube as a media platform. With the exception of Anna Lee and Jesse's channel, all the following YouTubers have experienced growth in some way and through their channels, viewers can watch that growth. Whether it be in personal style, content or career, YouTube and the various social media sites connected to it allow audiences to literally watch as YouTubers develop and mature. It's like watching and growing up with your favorite television characters except these people feel a little bit closer because you can interact with them through Twitter, Facebook, etc.
JENN IM | My Fashion Queen

Why Subscribe?: Jenn Im is a fashion YouTuber with the extraordinary talent to pull off everything she wears. She is my fashion queen. I'm always in awe of how amazingly beautiful and adorable she is.I constantly struggle with my feelings for Jenn because I never know if I want to be her or be best friend or date her. Can all three happen? That should be a choice.Jenn's channel consists primarily of fashion videos like hauls, monthly favorites, and styling videos. She does the occasional travel vlog and personal video too. Every video is beautifully edited with the perfect music to match. Jenn is my favorite fashion YouTuber because she just never fails to deliver great content and fashion inspiration.That Classic Moment: Jenn revelas her secrets about becoming comfortable with herself and her own personal style.

ANNA LEE & JESSE | The Fashionable Marrieds

Why Subscribe?: Anna Lee and Jesse are a married couple working in the fashion industry and hey, they also vlog for everyone else to see their awesome life.It took me a good long while before I finally began to like Anna Lee and Jesse because 75% of their videos follow the same routine: OOTD announcement, Anna goes to work at the hair salon, Jesse drives, they go shopping and then they go out to eat. It sounds so boring but if you get to know these two, they can make it cute and entertaining.Unlike other YouTubers, Anna Lee and Jesse don't produce YouTube content as their job. They simply allow others to watch their lives day to day, even monotonous boring bits. What keeps people watching is Anna Lee and Jesse, both as individuals and a couple. Anna is adorable and a little silly while Jesse is more practical and serious. Together, they're cute and occasionally, hilarious to watch. I often wish I had a relationship like Anna Lee and Jesse's where they compliment and appreciate each other every day. I mean, who wouldn't want a boyfriend who is perfectly happy taking their girlfriend shopping practically every other day?Most of Anna and Jesse's content are daily or weekly vlogs but sometimes there are more personal videos or giant hauls from the many shopping trips they/Anna does. Anna and Jesse are also the old marrieds or parents to their BFF, Claire Marshall and adorable baby fashionista, Jenn Im. They make a delightful little YouTube fashion family together so any videos featuring Claire and/or Jenn are a must see.That Classic Moment?: I find it endlessly amusing when members of this YouTube family impersonate each other. Jesse pretending to be Jenn Im.

JACK & FINN HARRIES | The Cheeky Harries Twins

Why Subscribe?: Jack and Finn Harries are extremely attractive (I'm allowed to be shallow sometimes!) twin filmmakers.Jack and Finn's channel isn't very personal compared to previous YouTubers I've mentioned but I admire what they're doing. The twins' channel started and gained most of its success by doing the usual YouTube shenanigans - tags, YouTube collaborations, and all that jazz. That sort of content is fine and entertaining and obviously, I watch them but the twins seemed to have grown up from these fun trivial videos. Now, Jack and Finn describe themselves as a brand or organization aimed at producing quality content about good causes. And they do, Jack and Finn's channel focuses mostly on promoting charities, upcoming artists, and interesting discussions.I appreciate Jack and Finn's efforts to become socially aware in their channel. I recognize that Jack and Finn are two white conventionally attractive British male twins which, let's be honest, makes it easy for them to develop an audience with teenage girls. The twins don't brag about it but from what I've gathered, they also come from an affulent family with connections and wealth so yes, the Harries twins have privileges many others don't. But at the very least, they're attempting to utilize their privilege and fame for good causes such as raising money for charities.That Classic Moment?: Jack Harries reveals a shocking secret.

Maya Washington | Shameless Maya

Why Subscribe?: Maya is a lifestyle blogger with content about fashion, beauty, technology, and all sorts of other things.Maya is a lot to take in at first. At least for me because she is as her title suggests, absolutely shameless. Maya's personality is so outgoing, loud, and just brimming with energy that it's overwhelming for a quiet introvert like me. But once I got used to Maya's energy, I really grew to appreciate it. I could probably never interact with her in person but through a computer screen, Maya's incredibly positivity attitude is a good weekly pick me up. I have no idea how she can maintain so much energy or do so many of the shameless things she does but I have so much admiration for her ability to do so.Maya's certainly got a distinct personality and she's not afraid to show it. She is very much a 'take it or leave it' person. I gladly take her and her crazy bubbly self.The absolute best thing about Maya is her complete willingness to let her viewers see her process and with that, maybe join her in her success. She details her process for photo and video editing,, networking, and etc so her audience can learn from her experiences. She goes in-depth and actually helps rather than give out general advice! Maya seems genuinely interested in helping her audience produce their own quality content and better their approach to life.That Classic Moment?: Her everyday moment is really cute.

As always, I welcome any and all recommendations for other fun YouTubers!