A Regents Stroll

Now, the rest of the pictures from my walk around Regent's Park. Details on my outfit and everything in my 'Floral Covered' post. A stroll around London's Regent's Park


Pictures by Annemari S. and Lix HewettA stroll around London's Regent's ParkSo back in May, Annemari and Lix came to visit me in London and we decided to have a nice wander around Regent's Park. Mostly because my best friend, Annemari likes park and pretty nature. I do too but especially when I get to spend time with her so off we went.A stroll around London's Regent's ParkWhen we got there, I really regretted not visiting Regents earlier, especially considering that it's only a ten minute from my flat. Regent's Park is so beautiful and enormous. Granted not as majestic as my favorite park, Greenwich park, but still pretty darn big. There were streams, cute birds, big open fields, and gardens!A stroll around London's Regent's Park with Lix HewettA stroll around London's Regent's ParkStill, it was really the amazing company I had on the walk that made the trip memorable. Beautiful day, pretty scenery, colorful flowers to pick, and hanging with the best people. It was perfect.Picking flowers in Regent's Park, LondonAlong with everything else in the city, I really miss all the parks London had to offer. Of course, there's Central Park and other smaller parks in New York and Brooklyn but the trees here seem bare compared to the lush landscapes of London's parks. Spending a summer day lazing about in Regent's Park would be so lovely but alas. :(A walk around London's Regent's ParkExploring London's Regent's Park
 Where's your favorite place to have a stroll?