Rec Me Friday: Favorite YouTubers

As someone who loves visual storytelling, I suppose I should be watching the many web series YouTube has to offer but I'm watching lifestyle and fashion videos instead? I suspect it's because I never ever watch reality television so YouTubers fills whatever void in me that is mildly interested in reality TV.Here is the first of many posts where I recommend interesting YouTubers I've discovered. These are a few of my very favorites that I always enjoy. Check out Part Two!avorite fashion, lifestyle, and travel YouTubers. Featuring Claire Marshall, Louis Cole and Jim Chapman,


I've found that since many of these YouTubers are so personal, it takes some time to warm up to each of them because you're essentially getting to know a new person. For almost every YouTuber I watch, I go through a period of being annoyed or bored by him/her until eventually, I end up loving them.
CLAIRE MARSHALL | The Coolest YouTuber on the Block

Why Subscribe?: Claire Marshall is the coolest YouTuber right now. She's so casual, relaxed and chill in this effortless way.  Watching her is always fun because of the light hearted vibe she maintains in most of her content. She's funny, beautiful, so very fashionable and just fucking COOL. As is her beautiful black cat, Bruce.Although Claire's videos have a very laid-back feel to them, it's obvious she puts a lot of effort in them. Her editing is constantly getting better, sharper, and more creative as she improves her self taught skills. Just check out her favorite lipsticks video. Awesome, right? Catchy as hell too.Claire's videos cover a variety of topics from DIY home decor, fashion lookbooks, style videos, beauty tutorials and more. She does the usual YouTube informational tags and the monthly favorite videos as well. But sometimes I never know what to expect from Claire because one day, there'll be a video dairy from a pitbull and it'll make my week.That Classic Moment:  "I'm patriotic as hell, y'all". Haha. Love you, Clairebear.

JIM CHAPMAN | My YouTube Best Friend

Why Subscribe?: I feel silly referring to Jim as my YouTube best friend because although Jim starts every video with 'Hello, best friends!', we're not really best friends, are we? Whatever, in my ideal world I would be best friends with Jim.This specific recommendation feels more personal because sometimes I come across shows, things, people, I inexplicably love and love onto. This was the case with Jim. Unlike other YouTubers, I never had to go through a period of growing to love Jim, I just instantly did. Even when I watched a tall gawky Jim on his old vlog channel , I loved Jim. Actually, I might have loved him the most during those early videos because it was all entirely Jim and his adorable awkward self. He's still funny, cute, and socially awkward enough for me to relate now. There's just a lot more distractions and events as he's gained more recognition.Jim Chapman's channel offers advice videos, weekly vlogs and the usual YouTube tags/collaborations (Photobooth, Baby Food, Makeup, First Time) that get borderline tiresome by the time everyone does them. But when it's Jim, it's still enjoyable. Jim always seems so sincere and kind in everything he does and for me, that it makes all his content entertaining.That Classic Moment: The moment when I bump into Jim Chapman on the street and he is much taller than my shortie self expected but every bit as wonderful and nice as I thought.

LOUIS COLE | The Big Friendly Giant, Real Life Tarzan, 7 Foot Palm Tree

Why Subscribe?: Louis is a self professed nomad who travels the world with the motto 'Peace Out. Enjoy Life. Live the Adventure. BOOM!'And Louis manages to make his entire life an adventure by maintaining an extraordinarily laid-back attitude. Truly, I've never seen anyone as friendly and laid-back as Louis. He's hardly ever angry and even then, he just seems sullen compared to his usual happy demeanor. Louis is the type of person to simply take things as they come for the better or worse and make the best of what he has. For a natural pessimist, it was a little off putting at first but I've grown to really admire Louis' eternal optimism. There was also moments of childishness or slight recklessness from Louis. So, basically Tarzan minus the animals.Louis is rather well known in the British YouTuber clique (of which Jim is part of) but he doesn't do the normal YouTube tags and chooses to simply document his life through his distinct perspective. So, everyday, Louis shows his audience his life. Whether it be driving across India, traveling in Australia, drinking coffee London or helping charities in Africa, Louis offers it all for his viewers to see (almost) every single day. I especially love watching his efforts to help global charities in India and Africa or even troubled youths in London because Louis does the most he can in the a very hands-on way. I've seen other YouTubers promote charities with their videos and a fun activity which is great as well but Louis is also more than happy to get involved on the ground.The fact that Louis does all of this with a smile and then spends every day brilliantly editing his videos for everyone is amazing.That Classic Moment: I will never forget the time Louis had to spent a night in jail on a small traffic technicality and the first thing he says to the camera is Good news, I got a free pair of shoes from the prison cell. I genuinely laughed out loud because that is such a Louis thing to say. Obviously, there was a lapse in time from when he was arrested and then able to start filming but that kind of reaction exemplifies the positive attitude Louis uses to approach everything in life.

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?