Instajourney Through London

Time for the second dose of my Instajourney Through London. Be sure to check out Part One of my London adventures if you're not caught up.Journey through London with Instagram pictures, Part Two


Greenwich, London, UK I had already been to Greenwich once before with a friend but I visited Greenwich again for a class visit and fell in love with it some more. The park is just so majestic and grand, it's breathtaking. It's no wonder that movies like Thor 1 and Les Miserables chose to film in such a beautiful place. It's absolutely my favorite park in the world so far.Greenwich, London and Simon Amstell showAfter the hike up the hill at Greenwich, I made it to Royal Observatory where the Greenwich Meridian is located. As always, I wasn't willing to pay for the official visit into the observatory but hey, outside is also another line that notes the prime meridian of the world. So there I am on the line where east meets west!I took a quick stroll around the National Maritime Museum after and found something that reminded me of my Greenwich friend.On the weekend, I went to a comedy show with Simon Amstell near King's Cross. I was so happy to get a ticket to see him again after attending his NYC show last summer. Simon is basically my soulmate and I want us to be best friends. Really though, no other celebrity understands how it feels to be a socially awkward hermit like Simon does. I had a great time at the show and Simon even spoke to me directly twice.Cambridge,UKHeaded off to Cambridge for the day. It was nice to walk around all the colleges in Cambridge. And like usual, I found a candy shop. I quickly realized that every English town/city is sure to have two things - a fudge or candy shop and a pub.Punting in Cambridge, UK The best part of Cambridge was getting a punting tour though. Sitting on a boat and seeing all of the beautiful college as we sailed up and down the river as so lovely.Stratford-upon Avon, ShakespeareAs part of my study abroad program, I spent the whole weekend in Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace and hometown. It was a really rural town with not much to do and I'm a city girl through and through but at least I go to see lots of Shakespeare related landmarks.And I suppose there's something incredibly fitting about getting to see Henry IV in Shakespeare's own hometown.The BBC Broadcasting House was within walking distance from my flat and I finally got to go in!I had a great tour around the BBC. I enjoyed how interactive the tour is even though little old shy me didn't participate. I couldn't resist snapping some pictures next to these few Doctor Who props. And I sneakily grabbed a Grimy post card for my best friend.I met up with a friend from the States and we wandered through the Victoria & Albert Museum. We went to Kensington Palace for a visit as well. It's very niche, focused on the royal family, and very clearly designed to attract tourists but hey, I love fun visuals. The bedroom of little houses was my favorite. Also, so many thrones for me to take over as queen!Then I was off to Normandy, France for a few days with my class! I made it all the way up Mont Saint-Michel Monastery. There was a spectacular sight to see of the ocean and even England far far off in the distance.My favorite day of the trip, coincidentally my birthday, was the day we went to the WWII landmarks in the Bayeux like theNormandy beaches and Normandy Memorial. Absolutely stunning to see and learn about.To be honest, I spent a lot of the time in Normandy, missing the city of London. The trip was class trip, after all, and it included a lot of museum trips that can get tedious after a while. I get very anxious traveling to unfamiliar places especially with a language barrier too.But hey, I've been to two foreign countries in my life now! I'm actually getting out and having experiences, what a shocker for a hermit.Anyway, on the ferry boat to Dover, England (I briefly went to Dover Beach as well) I tried to rock some aviators. I wish I could wear sunglasses or even contacts but I am too poor and/or lazy to get such things.Opening photograph by Annemari S. & © bus vector
Sadly, next week week is the third and last installment of my London adventures. :( But my bestie comes to visit me and I see a few more beautiful London sights before saying goodbye the magnificent city.Also, my face hasn't gotten annoying yet, check out my Instagram for pictures of my NYC wandering.