Instajourney through London

Oh no, I'm nearing the end of content and pictures I have from my London experience to make posts about. My life back here in the states is so uneventful and boring compared to London. I have no idea what I'm going to make personal posts about anymore. Please feel free to comment with how you come up with ideas.But anyway, here's a quick recap of my journey exploring London (and the great England area) using my Instagram pictures. Or at least part one because I underestimated how much pictures I took.There were other interesting things in between like the I went the many many theater shows and museums I went to as well. Maybe I'll talk about those one day.Instajourney through London, Part 1


View of Marylebone High Street, LondonOn January 25, I arrived in London and moved into my flat at London's Marylebone High Street area. My first day was awful, overwhelming and very very wet. Just my luck that my first day would be the one instance I actually felt London's heavy rain. But at the very least I had this beautiful view to marvel at outside my room window that day. And every day after that. I can't even describe how much I love the Marylebone area and miss it now.I visited Natural History Museum with some friends. Lots of cool stuff but mostly, dinosaurs! The big dinosaur exhibit with the mechanical T-Rex was a sight to see.Can you believe that the bones behind me in the picture is an prehistoric ancestor of the sloth? Apparently, they were huge back then, huh.For the first outing with my study abroad program, we went to Jane Austen's House in Chawton. Interesting enough for a quick visit but the trip reminded how I'm really not into rural towns. There were bonnets, quills and a lot of Mr. Darcy memorabilia though.We also go to a seaport after but for the life of me, I can't remember what the harbor was called. The exciting event was supposed to be getting to go inside a ship but as poor students still astounded by the currency exchange rate, no one was willing to spend the pounds. The last half of the trip ended up being a lot of wandering around gift shops. I'd be fair in saying that 25% of my semester was spent mulling around in gift shops and never buying a single thing.A day at the London Zoo! After seeing all those stuffed and plastic animals at the Natural History museum, we decided it was very much time to see some live animals. It turned out to be one of my favorite adventures. I saw so many different animals, insects, reptiles, birds, fishes and I can't even remember them all now. I petted a goat and had a butterfly take a liking to my hat as well. My favorites were the giraffes and tiger though.The last time I recall being at a zoo was when I went to the Bronx and was properly scared by the big snakes. But exploring the reptile exhibit at the London Zoo was very cool. It was the exhibit where they filmed that scene in Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets too!Fact: I wanted to buy ALL the animal plushies at the zoo's gift shop. They had so many different animals and all in different sizes. I kinda wish I had gotten at least one now. Should have gotten a wolf toy! But during the time, I was really cheap and refused to buy one, which is basically what happens to me in all gift shops.At least the giant lemur got to enjoy my hat for a little while. Can you imagine having that in your room? Great cuddle buddy probably but I think the enormous eyes would freak me out after a while.Jim Chapman, Canary Wharf, National GalleryI headed off to class and bumped into my favorite YouTuber, Jim Chapman just outside my flat on the streets of Marylebone. I walked past his tall figure, did a double take, thought 'Oh my god, it that Jim?', decided it's Jim and ran back to him and said "You're Jim Chapman!"  Obviously, he knows this fact, duh. I'm lame, I know. As you can tell from my even more stupid face, I was really excited. He was incredibly sweet, tall!, and wonderful as I always thought he would be. He even took multiple pictures with me and asked me about my experience in London. Regretting not asking for a hug now but still, I met Jim! <3For class, I went to the London Museum Docklands near Canary Wharf. The museum's only worth the trip for its exhibit on Britain's history with slaves. Great exhibit though, I'm glad Britain is becoming more open about the fact that like America and many other countries, Britain has a sordid history of slavery. Canary Wharf was very nice to walk through as well. As the financial center of London, everything is really sleek and clean. I found the statues and thought they were like the royal king and queen on Canary Wharf.Next, I went to the National Gallery in London. I'm not hugely into art but I love and appreciate interesting pieces when I see them. Besides, who doesn't like a good Monet and Van Gough? The sunflowers exhibit was brilliant. I've loved the painting even before that amazing Doctor Who episode but now that I also associate it with Amy Pond, I love it even more. And of course, I love me a good hat so I tried on a beret to channel some Monet.Brighton UK beach, Brighton UK pierI took the train Brighton for the day and throughly fell in love with the quaint seaside town! So many little vintage shops and little bakeries! The beach and boardwalk was the best part though. I collected a seashell as a souvenir and spent the rest of the time, having fun by wasting money playing arcade games (and losing).Brighton UK shops, Hyperbole and a Half, Amy Pond, Brighton sunsetWhile browsing Brighton's many shops, I discovered that Hyperbole and a Half  had been published as a book. Good because the web comics are so great. I relate to them so so much. On that page reads it 'I feel like a computer' and yeah, I've been there plenty of times when my anxiety spirals into depression.I stumbled upon an Amy Pond in a shop. Even in cardboard form, Karen Gillan is extremely gorgeous. Why isn't she my best friend?I stayed late enough to see the sun set into the water at Brighton beach and it's beautiful.Brighton comic book shop, Nick Grimshaw doing Sports Relief, Stone HedgeAlso, I visited my first comic book shop in Brighton after getting properly into them. There was an overwhelming amount of comic book volumes but I loved spotting a few of series I had already read.Grimy or Nick Grimshaw was cycling for Sports Relief. My best friend, Annemari is in love with Grimy so I make the 10 minute walk to the BBC Broadcasting House from my flat and watch Grimy for an hour.I go to see Stone Hedge which is cool. I wish I could have been closer to the landmark in order to fully feel its grandeur but alas...Also, for some reason no one ever mentions the terrible smell from the farm animals around Stone Hedge. Afterwards, I went wandering around in Bath for a little bit but the best part was getting to explore the remains of the Roman Bathhouses. Those Romans were so innovative, man, especially about their steam rooms.London Sights - Big Ben, London Eye Right before getting a tour of the Houses of Parliament, I snapped a quick picture of Big Ben. The clock is absolutely stunning.I went to the National Theatre at the South Bank to see either the play, A Taste of Honey  and an orchestra show. Near the theater, I found this amazing view!  I never actually got to ride the London Eye because I couldn't justify spending all that money just for the quick ride and view but I hope to go back to London  and do more of the touristy things I didn't this time. Hopefully I do actually end up in the magnificent city again one day.Photographs by Annemari S. & © bus vector
Are you tired of my face yet? And my giant green parka? I know I am.If for some strange reason, anyone is at all interested in more of me, my Instagram has more pictures of little things that happened in between as well as quick snaps of my life now.More adventures to come next week so keep an eye out. My InstaJourney continues through London and even beyond, when I go to France!