A Glimpse of Gold Through Their Skins

Fashion and music choices inspired by Karma and Amy's fun relationship on MTV's "Faking It"

Fashion and music choices inspired by Karma and Amy's fun relationship on MTV's "Faking It"

In anticipation for tonight's new episode of Faking It,I compiled an outfit and some songs for Karma and Amy's adorable relationship.




Obviously, Karma and Amy have different personalities and you can see this in how they dress as well as how they act.

Karma's Style:

Karma is always in form fitting clothes that show off her waist and legs. Endless dresses with cute bright prints! She adds on multiple accessories, layering different gold chain necklaces together as well bracelets and rings. Then she completes the outfit with flats or heeled boots. I love that she makes sure to draw a little attention to her feet by wearing patterned ankle socks. Essentially, an adorable wardrobe designed to stand out to fit her outgoing personality.

Amy's Style:

Meanwhile, Amy's style is much more casual. Less about showing her body and more about comfort. She wears comfortable, loose, and oversized clothes to create that effortless rugged look.  She's frequently in boyfriend jeans, a simple t-shirt and a pair of sneakers or boots.Sometimes, rather than the usual boyfriend jeans, Amy opts for bottoms with suspenders. She wore overalls in the pilot and the jeans above actually have suspenders that Amy just leaves hanging down. I actually think I saw them for sale earlier this year. Really wish I had gotten them now, boo.


Occasionally, Amy accessorizes but it's minimal and very simple, especially compared to Karma. Just a long chain necklace and a leather bracelet.


AMY: "Myself would wear my doughnut shirt and bacon sweats."SHANE: " It is unfortunate that your favorite clothes are food themed."

I disagree, Shane, Amy in her food themed clothes would be very attractive and appealing to me.  I love that she'll also throw on an interesting graphic print like the doughnut tee. I would have really liked to see her bacon sweats too.


The few times Amy wears a dress or skirt, she maintains a habit of layering on sweaters and cardigans. Even at more formal events like the homecoming dance and her mother's bachelorette party, Amy wears a loose cardigan.Here is an outfit I think would perfectly with Amy's style sense. Actually, I like to think this is the kind of outfit Karma would pick out for Amy. I can imagine Karma being the first one to wake up on the morning of sleepovers because Amy sleeps in, duh, and what else is Karma going to do than pick out an outfit for her bestie?

Fashion and music choices inspired by Karma and Amy's fun relationship on MTV's "Faking It"

Fashion and music choices inspired by Karma and Amy's fun relationship on MTV's "Faking It"

Fast Food Tee / Jacket / Jeans / Shoes / Socks / Bracelet

My favorite find was the t-shirt with a print of burgers and fries! Definitely something Amy would wear.The distressed boyfriend jeans and army jacket are staples in Amy's wardrobe, as seen on the show but I thought Amy's black leather bracelet could be a little flashier. The gold flat studs add a more edgy touch to the bracelet.Of course, Chucks are the classic casual sneaker but here, I wanted to show a bit of Karma's influence. Minty ankle socks with lace detail are so Karma and can act as a cute charming reminder of her bestie.

I chose to highlight Amy's fashion because my own style sense probably leans more toward Amy's rather than Karma's. I really love my cute floral dresses, oxfords, and accessories but as an every day thing? I wish I could but nope. I end up going for a comfortable casual look. Hopefully looks like I spent a little time putting it together though because I do like to plan my outfits. My typical outfit would be skinny jeans, boots, and then a nice shirt underneath a chunky sweater cardigan. I'm like Amy, layering and layering all the time! I try to add some gold rings and necklace to add some fun pieces to the look as well.



Since I made something for Amy, naturally I needed to make something for Karma as well. As a musician, I thought Karma would appreciate these two songs. They make me think of Karma and Amy's platonic and possibly romantic relationship.

You should see my favorite people,

You catch a glimpse of gold through their skins.

I walk on air whenever I'm with them,

They're where the happiness begins.

And I'm alright on my own, but with them I'm much better

They're like diamonds and diamonds are forever.Boy - Army

This is for me, the ultimate song to describe the wonderful relationship everyone deserves when they find their best friend. Everything in the song, from its light folk mood to its lyrics, explain the love you feel when you know without a doubt, you have a friend to support and love you.


Simmer down and pucker up

I'm sorry to interrupt it's just I'm constantly 

on the cusp of trying to kiss you

I don't know if you feel the same as I do

But we could be together, if you wanted to

Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know

So,which of the girl's style sense do you prefer? Which one is like your own?