Fall Television


The fall TV season is in full swing now and I'm so excited to watch all this new TV! For me, fall TV is always such an exciting and overwhelming time because there's just somuch to watch. But still, I say bring on the excellent TV.Really, nothing makes me happier than good television and there's certainly a lot of it this year. So, what are my fall favorites so far? Check out my fall TV line up below!



Annemari S.

Fall 2014 TV Lineup - The Must-Sees: Shows I'm excited about

Fall 2014 TV Lineup - The Must-Sees: Shows I'm excited about

Elementary, CBS (Season 3)

Yes, season 2 was rather luck luster what with the Mycroft story line dragging down the second half of the season but Elementary has always been about the characters for me, not the the plot. Enduring the occasional boring case procedural is well worth it to see Joan and Sherlock's relationship as it continues to develop into a wonderful partnership of love and respect. I'm also looking forward to seeing a British South Asian actor as a potential love interest for Joan.

Brooklyn Nine Nine, FOX (Season 2)

Love everything and everyone on this show. Delighted to have back.

Agent of Carter, ABC (Miniseries)

Perhaps it's preemptive and a little to hopeful for me to put the show down as a 'must-see favorite' before I've actually watched Agent of Carter but it's the incredible Peggy Carter! I'm almost guaranteed to love anything with Peggy Carter.

The Legend of Korra, Nick (Season 4)

Fall 2014 TV Lineup - The Reliables: Fall TV Shows I'm still watching

Fall 2014 TV Lineup - The Reliables: Fall TV Shows I'm still watching

The previous season was superb and it certainly looks like this season of The Legend of Korra will be too. I'm excited to see the show explore more of the darker side of things.

Person of Interest, CBS (Season 3)

I don't much care for the show's weekly cases but Person of Interest manages to successfully weave together a really interesting over arching plot for the entire show. I'm looking forward to seeing more of my robot assassin girlfriend, Shaw and the battle between the Samaritan versus the Machine.

The Good Wife, CBS (Season 5)

Meanwhile, I'm still watching The Good Wife, wow, five seasons later because the show usually delivers interesting and fun cases for these lawyers to deal with.

The Peaky Blinders, ITV (Series 2)

The actors on Peaky Blinders, now including Tom Hardy!, are so compelling and amazing that I just have to keep watching even though nothing in the plot really sticks me with me.

Doctor Who, BBC (Series 8)

At this point, all I want from Doctor Who is for it to not be tedious. I just can't give the show up. But I'm liking the latest series a lot more. The writing is mediocre at best but Peter Capaldi's charm combined with Jenna Coleman's adorableness make the show a lot more enjoyable and lively.

Sleepy Hollow, FOX (Season 2)

Like with Elementary, I don't especially care for Sleepy Hollow's general plot. All I want to see for the latest season is more of Abbie, Ichabod, and Jenny interacting as a little family.

The Mindy Project, FOX (Season 2)

I have major problems with some of the show's humor as well as its lack of diversity. Yet the occasional cute Danny and Mindy is enough to keep me watching? Both of Danny and Mindy have their awful moments but sometimes they're less awful to each other and damn it, I fall for it.

MARVEL'S Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 2)


My feelings on Agents of SHIELD remain pretty much the same as on it last season which is lukewarm. But I have to admit, the show has started establishing some very interesting character developments for everyone on the team and I'm looking forward to seeing how they pan out.

Jane the Virgin, CW

The premise of a woman suddenly pregnant through accidental insemination? So ridiculous that it works! Jane the Virgin shows a lot of potential in that it's able to balance both cheesy entertainment and good family drama. Really though, the shining star is Gina Rodriguez. She sells the show and I have no doubt she'll continue to be impress me. Also, that sassy narration is such tremendous fun.

How to Get Away with Murder, ABC

I'm not nearly as enamored with this show as lot of other people are but I do find it compelling at moments. I like the cast a lot, especially in terms of diversity so I'm sticking with it for now.

The Flash, CW

I love any form of media with superheroes, more so when it's self aware of how cheesy it all is. The Flash is can get hammy and cheesy when it attempts to do dramatic scenes but those light entertaining moments are absolutely adorable.

Blackish, ABC

I don't know if this show will work for me in the long term but for now, I'm really enjoying Blackish's satire on how it is to to grow up as a black person in modern America. The show's lines are sharp, humorous and sometimes so witty with how it comments on race. I'm so glad there's now more family sitcoms from the point of view from a POC family.

Selfie, ABC

The always handsome John Cho and forever stunning Karen Gillan? Done. I'm in. Okay, my massive crushes on the show's leads aside, I do find Selfie really cute and charming. It's slightly over the top and dramatic but I love it. I really hope it doesn't get canceled.

A to Z, CBS

I really can't say no to some classic romcom fluff. With Selfie and The Mindy Project already on my schedule, A to Z serves as my super cute romantic comedy where the couple aren't snarky to each other. It's so cheesy and cutesy in the best way. 

What are you looking forward to watching this fall TV season?